Piks is a creative building toy designed to develop children's concentration and imagination.  Its impeccable quality, playfulness and innovation are surprising.

The general principle of the game is simple: create the most original and impressive structure without dropping any pieces! Decision making, fine motor skills and imagination will transform the players into real artists in full concentration performance.

The toy contains three types of silicone cones (non-toxic ROHS): small, medium and large but also solid wood boards (from FSC forests). By placing the wooden cones and trays on top of each other, the silicone grips the wood and offers many construction possibilities: vertical, horizontal, twisted, combined, etc. Using this technique, children explore the barriers of balance while focusing on one ultimate goal: placing all the pieces!


Creativity and education are therefore the key words at Oppi, two important values promoted at Toys And Games.


In October 2020, Oppi won the "Toy of the Year" organized by the Belgian Toy Federation thanks to his Medium Kit (OP103).





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