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Article reference:MORPHEEMULTI

Dimensions : 7 x 10 x 0 cm


Relaxation and meditation More than 200 combinations of guided sessions performed by sleep professionals Practical, mobile and easy to use Morphée is a disconnected design object for anyone who has difficulty falling asleep or suffering from insomnia. Morphée contains over 200 meditation sessions designed, tested and validated by sleep professionals. It guides the user towards a deep and restful sleep. With the first key, he chooses the theme of his session (7 themes), with the second key his session (each theme contains 8 sessions), then the duration (8 or 20 minutes) and the voice that will guide him (male or female). Morphée contains more than 200 combinations of sessions: - Meditation and sophrology sessions - Cardiac coherence sessions - Visualization sessions - Napping" sessions - 3D "sounds of nature" sessions - Choice of duration: 8 or 20 minutes - Choice of voice: male or female Morpheus also contains 8 nature sounds: 1) The cat : sleeping Birman cat 2) The fireplace : Rättvik, Sweden 3) The jungle: Tikal, Guatemala 4) The birds: Sumbawa, Indonesia 5) The storm: Tsumago, Japan 6) The beach, Anse noire, Martinique 7) Night, Le Tholonet, Provence 8) White noise: for young and old Morphée is practical, nomadic, and easy to use. You sleep in pairs? You can carry out your session alone by connecting headphones to Morphée. Morphée is : - Effective: Meditation and sophrology are used daily in all sleep centers in France when insomnia is related to stress and anxiety. - Disconnected: For optimal effectiveness, Morphée is disconnected, without waves or screens. - Practical: Morphée is nomadic: the wooden shell (beech) is removable and allows to cover the product to protect the keys. Morphée also works on battery. Characteristics : - Dimensions 10cm x 7cm - Wooden shell (beech) / Injected plastic - Contains booklet and charger - Morphée is nomadic (the wooden shell is removable to protect the keys) - It works on battery (autonomy 7 days) or sector