Since its very beginning, Grim’tout has always held high standards for the quality of its products and its consumer’s safety.

Mothers, who are constantly trying to preserve their children’s sensitive skin have approved Grim’tout’s choices to have a high quality water-based face paint, easy to apply, easy to remove and with no fragrance and no paraben. The products are non-grease, fragrance-free, and made with a cosmetic and professional quality. All Grim’tout’s products are in full compliance with the cosmetics standards and have been CE certified.

We are also the first brand to offer a paraben-free range! An essential change we decided to make in order to meet the customers’ demand.

Grim’tout offers a large choice of very covering colours, perfect to create great face paintings and colours gradations. Our face paint stencils are especially made for skin and face : flexible, adhesive, made with cosmetic quality, reusable and washable. They are the key to successful and safe face paints! Smart, they are adapted to a child’s face for each design.
Our accessories have been created with the same care (brushes, sponges, crayons…), in order to optimise the use and conservation of the products.

Grim’tout’s quality is also the guarantee of an easy application with a brush or a sponge, and an easy removal as well, in few minutes, only with water and soap.

Thanks to Grim’tout, no nasty surprises, but only fun and trust!












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