Mideer devoted to achieve the concept " Good toy is art." Pay attention to children's needs, combine art creativity and the world's diverse cultures, and cultivate children's multiple intelligences through toys. They respect aesthetic as the highest principle, and  their designs are based on children's psychology and growth.
They combine children education within visual arts, develop children’s identifying ability in detail, improve their understanding of beauty.

Mideer treasures "every single kid”, mideer treats every child like a seed wanting to germinate. At the beginning of the design, they would consider how can toy promote children's development, and ensure the safety, non-toxicity and durability of the product with the strictest standards in the production. As they go forward, they ruminate on the question "Is this really helpful to kids?

Mideer gathered designers and artists from Greece, Germany, France and China. They combine the infinite creative inspiration and the most international cutting-edge art will continue to promote the sense of art and individuality, and bring new concepts and classic remodeling to the toy industry.












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