Holzspielerei is a German brand offering quality wooden toys, manufactured in a durable and harmless way, offering excellent durability.

Wooden toys have always proven their worth and are now back in fashion, because there are so many good reasons to do so. Wood is a natural raw material and is pleasant to the touch, it is durable and robust and leaves room for your own imagination and creativity. Wooden toys can also be easily grasped and survive unharmed when young children put them in their mouths. Plastic toys, on the other hand, may contain toxic substances, sometimes break easily and often leave little room for creativity because they are too perfect to be worked on and therefore offer little inspiration for one's own ideas or play variations. Wooden toys, on the other hand, invite natural play and are one of the classic toys that are welcome in all nurseries.

The advantages of Holzspielerei :

- Longevity and robustness

- Toys that stimulate the child's senses

- Ecological and sustainable

- With an educational tendency

- Safe and quality toys

- Elegant and non-aging design










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