Find calm and fall asleep

192 guided meditations and soothing journeys. During the day, they allow the child to find calm. In the evening, they accompany him at bedtime.


What does Mon Petit Morphée contain?

Mon Petit Morphée is a collection of meditations and soothing journeys created by professionals in the field of child relaxation, notably by Sophie Le Millour and Nadège Pétrel. They all contain workshops on visualization, breathing and relaxation.




The disconnected innovation that will help you get back to sleep and sleep better

Morphée is a disconnected design object for anyone suffering from sleep difficulties or insomnia.  Morphée contains over 200 meditation sessions designed, tested and validated by sleep professionals. It guides the user towards a deep and restful sleep.  

What does Morphée contain? 

Morphée contains more than 200 combinations of sessions: - Meditation and sophrology sessions - Cardiac coherence sessions - Visualization sessions - Napping sessions - 3D "sounds of nature" sessions - Choice of duration: 8 or 20 minutes - Choice of voice: male or female